Diet & Weight Loss

There are days when you wake up with all the strength in the world and decide, “today, I start the diet, and I run because I want to lose weight.” But that push you had when you woke up is

Healthy food is essential for people who want to lose weight so you can introduce the tuna diet; we help you lose those unwanted kilos if you lose a few kilos.

In the diet to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks, it is necessary to increase the consumption of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole foods such as rice, flour, and wholemeal pasta, avoiding the consumption of industrialized and high-fat foods.

During these nine months, you have to take care of your diet to the maximum because the health of your baby and yours depend on it. In the first months, you will not notice an increase in appetite but by

In your opinion, why do 8 out of 10 people fail when dieting? The concept of “dieting” is associated with a short-term in which it is intended to correct all the failures incurred.

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