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THROAT PAIN IS NORMAL AFTER Twenty-sevenths Extraction

We have good news for you if you have a sore throat after having your wisdom tooth removed recently. This is entirely normal. Sore throat after a wisdom tooth extraction is caused by soreness and swelling of the muscles near the surgical site, and this is a common complication seen in many patients with one or more wisdom teeth extracted. Your sore throat will usually go away within three days after your wisdom teeth are extracted.

You may also notice that your jaw is sore and tender or stiff. This, in turn, is caused by swollen jaw and facial muscles. Applying a moist warm pack to the chin may help relieve your discomfort.

Rinsing with salt water can help your throat pain and keep your mouth clean.
Want to treat your sore throat? It’s a good idea to rinse your mouth and gargle it with salt water. Add ½ teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water, mix and then gargle. This will help soothe your throat and also kill bacteria in your mouth.

It’s time to get your dreaded wisdom teeth out. Although a little scary, the surgery will be quick and relatively painless. Let’s talk a little bit about the healing process. It’s not always easy, but it’s doable.

Some patients report experiencing sore throat after wisdom tooth extraction, but it won’t be the end of the world.

This pain is caused by swollen muscles close to the shooting site. It is usually caused by a mild infection but is not severe unless the pain persists for weeks or longer. It should only last for three days after the operation.

But there are things you can do until the pain goes away! After your wisdom tooth surgery, your sore throat is entirely normal, and you can make it go away quickly with some simple solutions.
saltwater medicine
Gargling with salt water is a solution for all kinds of mouth pain. It contains natural healing properties that soothe pain and reduce inflammation. It also tends to speed up the healing process and remove bacteria.

Dentists and doctors recommend rinsing the mouth with ½ teaspoon salt mixed in a glass of warm water. Since salt water is completely natural, this method can be applied as often as needed.

But be careful not to apply too much force when spitting out the water. This can create dry sockets in the mouth and cause other problems. Be gentle when shaking and spitting.

A cold compress or cold treats
Sore throat after oral surgery is typically caused by swelling. A cold compress or ice pack can be applied to the throat to reduce swelling. It is recommended to keep it open for 20 minutes until the swelling subsides and then close it for 20 minutes. Popsicles, ice cream, or other cold foods can also relieve pain from within and add some sweetness to the healing process.

Hot tea and plenty of fluids
Teas such as chamomile or peppermint can greatly soothe a sore throat. They are being careful not to make the tea too hot can be a quick and straightforward fix. Water and other soft, citrus-free liquids help keep the throat moist and clear of bacteria.

lemon and honey
Both lemon and honey have natural soothing properties that can relieve a sore throat. While both are very useful for curing the side effects of oral surgery, overuse can cause problems at the surgical site. As always, moderation and monitoring are essential when using these materials.

Consume soft foods

Try to eat at regular mealtimes, but choose soft foods that won’t get stuck in your throat or hurt the healing wound. Foods like yogurt, soup, and ice cream can benefit a sore throat and even help soothe it.

While it’s normal to have a sore throat for a few days after a tooth extraction, it can be cause for concern if the aches and pains last for more than a week or interfere with your speaking ability.

While long-term problems are very rare and post-operative sore throats are entirely unrelated, this pain is not something to be ignored just in case.

At this point, you should consult your doctor or dentist. They are always happy to help!

A few days after your tooth extraction, your throat should be ready to speak and your mouth to eat. In the meantime, enjoy as much ice cream and popsicles as possible and rest your mouth! You’ll be back in no time and ready to take your life back!

However, be very careful. Do not spit vigorously after gargling if your tooth was extracted less than 24-48 hours ago. Just let the liquid drip from your mouth. If you spit up forcefully, it can disrupt your blood clot, causing a complication called “dry socket,” which can disrupt proper healing and give you a lot of pain and discomfort.


If it’s been more than three days since your wisdom tooth was removed and your throat is still sore and not getting better, you may want to contact the SouthEnd Dentistry team. This is not normal, so Dr. You should get help from Picot.

The same is true for pain and discomfort in the mouth after wisdom teeth are extracted. Pain and discomfort should peak within 24-72 hours and then begin to subside until your mouth is fully healed, which takes 1-2 weeks. If you feel a lot of pain lasting more than 3-5 days, Dr. You may wish to speak to Picot and the SouthEnd Dentistry team.


Whether you’ve had your wisdom teeth extracted at SouthEnd Dentistry or are waiting for an extraction appointment, it’s essential to know what to expect as you recover. For more information or to find out if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, Dr. Simply contacts SouthEnd Dentistry online to schedule a consultation with Picot.